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Learning about how to fix your hair shouldn't make you want to pull it out...

At Hair Growth Reviews, we are committed to helping you get quality & reliable information about hair loss as easily as possible.

Also, individuals are different and we really understand that. So we'll definitely want to make sure you get information that is most relevant to you.
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What best describes your hair loss pattern?

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It is important to determine if there are any age-related factors that are causing your hair loss.
Which direct relatives of yours have experienced hair loss? *

Hair loss can be genetically inherited from either side of the family. Your risk factors for the severity & onset of hair loss can be predicted from the amount of members in your family that have hair loss

Do you smoke cigarettes?

What treatment(s) do you currently use for hair loss?

Optimizing your hair growth regimen involves taking a comprehensive, multilateral approach to hair growth. An ideal routine should involve all the below items in some capacity.

You're doing great. 90% of people do not have a comprehensive hair growth routine.

Let's learn more about your treatments.
Do you use topical minoxidil 5% treatment twice a day?

Clinical studies show that users have better results twice a day.  However, the high alcohol content in minoxidil 5% can cause some users to have scalp irritation and redness, which can impede your hair growth.  In these cases, users should use minoxidil up to the level they can tolerate it.
What ingredients are in your advanced topical?

List any others with commas in other

What technology is contained in your shampoo

A comprehensive shampoo should contain a multi-lateral approach to improving your hair. There are medically proven ingredients, such as ketoconazole, which have been proven to improve hair diamter and the amount of hairs in the growth phase.

How Long Have You Been Taking Finasteride?

Finasteride has been proven to keep improving hair for up to 2 years after starting treatment.  In some users, they continue to see improvement even after.  If you haven't started this treatment, you should speak to your doctor.

Do you take biotin with a meal daily

What active ingredients are in your hair supplement?

A good hair supplement should offer advanced ingredients not available in your multivitamin.
How happy are you with your current hair?

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